Reset free try

(Tiago Laflere) #1

 I’ve signed in for free trail a few months ago but didn have the right pc or apple divice to try. Now bought a new pc. Can i get a new free trail???

(Jason K) #2

Every month, users get an additional 25km to try Zwift if they’ve previously been a member or gone through the free trial.

Additionally, if you went through the free trial back when we still did the 14 day/50km trial, you may have a new 7 day trial available as well. My advice: just log in and see what you have available. You may be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

(Brian DeJong) #3

How about fixing my account please. I paid and then the free trial expired and it wont let me ride. Account shows active but app says I cant ride again for 25 more days. This sucks… You have my money, how about letting me in… The Silence is BS.