Reset Best Efforts (Power)

(Will Tope) #1

My old Tacx Blue Motion was severely over-estimating my power. I have now upgraded to a Tacx Vortex.


My best efforts (i.e. power over 20 mins etc) are all way too high due to my time using zPower. Is there a way to reset this?

(Stef Levolger) #2

Are you referring to FTP for the workout mode? If so, you can select the FTP figure in the right text box displaying it in workout mode and adjust it manually if you wish.

If you are referring to e.g. achievements, you cannot (at least not yourself from ingame, unsure if support can or will reset achievements for you).

(Will Tope) #3

Thanks Stef - I know I can change the FTP, but i was referring to the best efforts that you are compared to after each ride. 

Its slightly less motivating knowing I will not beat the figures anytime soon, and that they are artificial! 

(David Clark 6914) #4

Noticed the same with my Blue Motion trainer.  Level 4 as suggested by Zwift produced far too generous a performance level for me.  Seems like Resistance level 6 is a better proxy.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #5

If you would like to reset your power totals, navigate to Documents/Zwift and delete the folder labeled ‘cp’. Be aware, though, that if there are any other users that ride on that computer, their power totals will be deleted as well.

Hope that helps!

(John Smith (TET)) #6

hi, does this work? i have the same query, if I delete the CP file, will this rest just your best power totals and nothing else? I’m worried if I delete the CP file it will delete previous rides and other data??? 

(G roovy_Moon (RO4H TeamZF)) #7

You can always just rename the folder to something like “cpBAK” and try it… I will tonight


(Paul Davies) #8

Will this also delete my current FTP?

(Paul Allen) #9

No, deleting the contents of the ‘cp’ folder will not delete your current FTP.

(Claire Davies) #10


i have the same issue as above and my power is completely wrong. I’ve deleted the CP folder a few times now and it still expects me to have a massive power output for the workouts. my achievement won’t reset either.

grateful for any assistance to rectify this.




(Paul Allen) #11


You issue sound more like your FTP is set too high. Open the Zwift app, Click Menu, Click the Pencil next to your name at the top of the page and on the right hand side you should see FTP, adjust it to a number you think better matches your efforts.

You can not reset achievements, once you are awarded them they are yours (this could change in the future).

(Sally Pressler KISS (C)) #12

Lindsay, where do I access the documents you mentioned? Is it on the Zwift mobile link? I have the same problem of false Best Effort when my Garmin battery was dying. I discarded the ride, but the false Best Effort still shows up at the end of each ride, giving me a ridiculous past record that I will never replicate. Thanks for your help.

(Lindsay Ruppert) #13

Hi Sally -

If you’re running Zwift on a Mac or PC, you can find the cp folder in Documents/Zwift.

If you’re running on iOS or ATV, the easiest way to reset the your best numbers is to delete the app and reinstall, which will reset your cp folder. It is possible to remove only the cp folder from an iOS device using iTunes, but the process is slightly complicated.

(Corey Miller) #14

Lindsay, after reinstalling the app will my level and other personal settings be retained? I just want to reset the power intervals numbers and critical power graph.

(Paul Allen) #15


Are you talking about PC, Mac, AppleTV or iOS?

You don’t need to reinstall the app to accomplish that, just delete everything in the \Documents\Zwift\cp\userxxxx folder.

Your level other data is stored online. If you created any custom workouts you might want to move the \Documents\Zwift\Workouts to another location before reinstalling.


(Corey Miller) #16

iPad. You recommend removing and reinstalling the app, hence my question

(Paul Allen) #17


I am guessing you don’t have any custom workouts on it, so you should have no issue uninstalling and reinstalling it. All the important data (level, achievements, missions, kits) are stored on the Zwift servers.

There are ways to remove that data without reloading the app on an iPad, but it’s a drawn out processes (using iTunes File Sharing).

(Corey Miller) #18

I deleted the Zwift folder using iTunes file sharing and that has successfully removed my power info. Thanks for the help

(Caroline Clayton) #19

Once you delete the CP folder, how or where does your new “best effort” data come from? I too need to do this, but I’m very worried that if I do, I won’t have something from my history as a “best effort” - i just want to find the rogue data file and remove it so that the real “best effort” shows

(Paul Allen) #20

You don’t need to delete the entire folder, just the file with the date that the rogue power happened.