Required bandwidth at Low/Med/High resolution

I read that Zwift uses on 55MB/hr, but aside being surprised, I could not find out at what resolution this was other than assuming it’s low…

Is there any data on this?

Reason being I’d prefer to avoid glitches by lowering resolution if necessary, as my Pain Cave is at the extremity of my wireless and I can’t guarantee more than 5Mbps reliably.

I don’t see why graphics settings would have any effect on network bandwidth. 

Alan - so you’re saying that 100% of the video detail is resident in the initial Application download to the Mac/PC and that the bandwidth is only consumed in sending effectively the ‘draw’ instructions for current location and numbers of surrounding riders and their attributes?

I can see that’s possible but then not sure why we even need a resolution option?

Yeah, that’s right. Computers with lower end graphics cards need to use lower settings to get a decent framerate because they won’t render the graphics as quickly with higher settings.