(Terri Littrell (Southern Carnage)) #1
  1. The ability to customize kits.

  2. The ability to search for athletes to follow them. (Some of my friends use Zwift but I cannot follow them unless they are riding at the same time I am.)

  3. More routes to choose from from around the world.

  4. A fully functioning Android and IOS app.

  5. The ability to connect or view on TV through Google Chromecast or similar.

Thank you! Enjoy Zwift!



(Paul Allen) #2
  1. I don’t see Zwift allowing full customization of kits, maybe partial in the future

  2. You can do this with the Zwift App

  3. There is a new road coming to Watopia soon and I am sure they have other “worlds” planned in the future

  4. IOS app should be released this month (it’s in beta right now), have not heard about Android as of yet

  5. You can already do this

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #3

A new road? 

Great, I urgently need one or more of them but have never seen any roadworks…