Requests to join event leaders on forum Wes Salmon

I’ve asked my leaders to put in appropriate request re leadership access

Yes I have previously requested before Wes, but could I please be added: <email removed - Wes> Thanks

Hi Wes I lead rides for TBR could i please also have access.

please add Shane Elliott, I lead for TBR

Yes Wes could you please include me in the event leaders group. I lead both TBR Knights of Suburbia group and TBR Team Interval Racing.
Thanks Kevin Wells <email removed - Wes>

Hi Wes, I lead TBR races too! <email removed - Wes>


Hi Wes, please add me. I lead some of the TBR and AHDR rides. Cheers. Mike <email removed - Wes>

Closing this thread as my message to existing Event Leaders was not meant to be posted in the public forum.