Request to Ride Leaders

There is obviously some ‘prestige’ to being a ride leader so everybody wants to be one. But this is a plea to current and future ride leader - DO NOT put yourself out there as a ride leader if you cannot lead. I’ve been on many rides where the ride leader is just that, a leader. 3R rides are typically like that. The leader leads by example i.e if the tempo is 3w/kg that’s what the leader does, irrespective of what the front does. But then you have rides like the Dubai club ride which I joined on a whim. Advertised as C (2.5-3.2) the ride leader requested a 2.5 pace on the outset. When the flag dropped the front went to >3.5 and the ‘leader’ followed. To stay in the wheels I had to do 3+ for the first 15 minutes. 50 riders were dropped within 5 minutes. The leader would request the front to slow while he himself did +3.5. THAT is not leading, it is a joke. If you cannot lead or do not know how to lead then step back into the peloton because group rides becomes a waste of time.

Kann ich nur zustimmen, ist mir auf anderen Gruppenfahrten auch passiert!

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Good point Anton, totally agree

Haha happens quite often.
Make group ride automatic led by a bot or ghost which is riding at the advertised speed.
THe “real human” leader will talk with the crowd.
Everyone is happy…

That will only work in a perfect world and a perfect Blob