“Request: Add a ‘Favorite’ Feature for Workouts”

Hello Zwift Community,

I hope you’re all having great rides and runs on Zwift! I wanted to share an idea that I believe could enhance our Zwift experience.

I recently had the opportunity to discuss this with Joshua F from Zwift’s support team, and he encouraged me to share it here for further community support and discussion.

I propose adding a “Favorite” feature for workouts. Many of us have specific workouts we love and use regularly, but with the ever-growing library of workouts, it can be challenging to find them quickly. A “Favorite” feature would make it easy to access and organize our preferred workouts.

How It Could Work:

  1. Users can click a “Favorite” button/icon next to each workout to mark it as a favorite.
  2. Favorited workouts can be conveniently accessed through a dedicated “Favorites” tab or filter.


  • Improved user experience for finding and starting preferred workouts.
  • Enhanced personalization for tailored training.
  • Time efficiency for getting into workouts we love.

I believe this addition would be a valuable improvement to the Zwift platform. If you share this sentiment or have other thoughts on how it could be implemented, please feel free to chime in.

Let’s discuss and support this idea to make Zwift even better for all of us! Thanks for your time and input.

Ride On!
Charbelstrong text

Totally agree. There are a bunch of posts requesting this, this one is from 2016: Favorite Workouts

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Really miss this because now I just copy the workout.