Reqeust to add a keyboard shortcut to hide or show, screen UI.


Hey zwift team!!! I have on wish and i hope u can fulfill it :). My wish is that u make a keyboard shortcut to hide screen UI, i really bothers me when i have to watch numbers on the screen, i cant help myself to not watch it. If there would be a button to disable watts and hr and cadance meter UI that would be great, riding just on feeling alone like most of us do in nature, watching numbers all the time makes our head/s tierd :(. This would be it. Thank you!! Regards by Jure!! :slight_smile:


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Yes please! I came here specifically to ask for this, albeit for a different reason. We’re getting burn-in from the HUD elements on the plasma TV we use for Zwift :frowning: (the rider list on the right is the worst). Would be great to have a way to easily hide/show the HUD elements when we want.

Being able to toggle the UI on/off would be excellent!