Req scanning QR code function for login website login by winPC browsers need to pass reCAPTCHA. But some area blocked Google.

zwift website building on a lot of Google components, which directly caused problems login and browsing.

Now zwift has set up GMS(Google Mobile Services) checking in Android Companion app, which directly causes many Android phones without GMS couldn’t use Companion app.

Is it possible to add QR code scan function on the Apple Companion app? so that user can easily login to the website by QR code scanning. This is already a widely used and convenient way to login

In contrast: zwift forums, zwiftpower, Apple mobile devices are places where there is no other login verification or reCAPTCHA.

waited half a day and then told me that reCAPTCHA could not be loaded:point_down:

Yes!! The Zwift website, ZwiftPower, the game loader, the companion app, and WTRL (this might be different) but all of these would be great to have a quick QR code. Zwift Forums and the companion app are the only ones that don’t require me to login every time.


Would definitely be worthwhile