Reporting Suspicious Riders [July 2021]

@Dennis_O_Brien that is Miss place rider or tiny human, and Not Suspicious Rider’s

if not tiny human, he or she would get upgrade.

A few things which may help you understand Category Enforcement (CE) racing.

CE category is based on what you have done previous to the race.

In CE races if you exceed category limits during a race you don’t (shouldn’t) get disqualified, hopefully you then get upgraded to the appropriate category for your next race.

You say you have been disqualified for riding over 2.5w/kg. Your ZwiftPower account doesn’t appear to show any disqualifications from CE races. You have been disqualified from races which were not being run under CE category rules. If you enter non CE races of which there are still a few you run the risk of being disqualified for the following reasons:

UPG - you entered a D cat race when you were a C cat.
WKG - you entered a D cat race and YES you did exceed the cat limit, which was not unsurprising as you were a C cat racer at the time.

I do not blame you for either of the above disqualifications - the old system was poor and although the new CE system is, IMO, much better it is still allowing for non CE races to be operated and this causes much confusion for many racers.

Anyway back to the racer who you are highlighting. I don’t believe he has done anything wrong.

He has only had one other race recently, otherwise no races for over a year.

He has had little other riding over the past year so I suspect he is attempting to return to form and possibly start racing more regularly again.

His race was just under 11 minutes long so it is expected that he would be able to exceed category limits for such a short race.

Oh, for pity’s sake. :joy:

When I read the original moan I had visions of this rider holding 3wkg for 45 minutes or something. Of course they can exceed cat limits for 11 minutes!

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Thanks very much for your advice. Got it - now understand. I like racing even when not doing well. It’s a motivating spin and I comms and draft with most riders.
Thanks again


all good thanks

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