Replace the in-game workout UI with industry standard

Problem: The Zwift workout-in-progress UI is hard to decipher and non-inuitive. It is hard to interpret quickly when working under load.

Solution: Please replace the vertical “strip” at the left with a simple overlay of the target/upcoming intervals on the existing workout graph at the bottom of the screen. Simply graph the upcoming intervals in the same way as the already completed ones, with a simple line/marker indicating current progress point. You can then visually see what is coming up and easily see how far through the current interval you are.

Reasoning: This is how literally every single other training app does it, and is vastly superior and much easier to interpret quickly and intuitively, without effort.

Here’s how Wahoo do it:

Here’s how Rouvy do it:

Here’s how Xert do it:

Here’s how TrainerRoad do it:

Here’s how BKool do it:

There’s more (literally every other platform) but I think you get the point! Just show the upcoming work in the same way as the work completed. Its visually intuitive.

Take a look at how much more difficult this is to “see” what is coming up after looking at the above… this is Zwift:

Hopefully its clear how it is far less intuitive and can’t be readily interpreted in a single quick glance. I’d need to take over a minute to try and read that and interpret it and build a model in my head of what it meant and how the workout was structured. Its hopeless. Its completely unclear and impossible to visually and quickly process the upcoming work. Please, please, please replace it. Its so bad that people use other apps to play workouts just to avoid using the built-in zwift workout display.