Repeat zwift FTP builder training ride shows excessive wattage requests

I recently went back to restart the FTP builder program. I got almost to the end last winter but due to illness and outdoor season never got back to finish.

Now I wanted to go back and repeat from the beginning (week 3) and start over but when I got to day 2 the wattage the program asked me to do during high intensity ended up being over 550 watts, which doesn’t make sense to me.

I dropped my ftp down to 275 this fall because of health issues this past year and I don’t feel that’s out of range for me, I rode the ftp builder program all last winter at 301 ftp.

Is there a glitch that causes repeat rides of the same ftp builder program to have different wattage requirements? If this ride would have been at 550 the first time around I would have remembered it, and it really was not at 550.

The ride in reference is week 2 day 2 of the 10-12 week ftp builder.

Steve A