Renpho AI bike

I have been riding on rollers with a Misuro B connection. I purchased the Renpho AI bike that is controllable and notice that the watts are about half of what they are on the rollers. My husband who rides both on rollers and on a trainer concurred. Does anyone know of a way to calibrate the Renpho AI bike so that it more closely matches the rollers?

P.S. It could very well be that the rollers are giving me higher numbers than I deserve, but I am battling 190 lbs, EDS, and a Cerebrospinal Fluid leak. The higher numbers ( peddle like crazy for 100+ watts and 1.5 w/kg) mean I can take part in events. Without that I am left peddling like crazy for 50 watts and .7 w/kg. Which is certifiably not-fun.