Renpho AI Bike - no resistance in game [January 2022] [SOLVED]

My resistance is working more but it’s really jerky. The gears are working though. Still on version Not updated since before - no idea why the symptoms are a bit different now.

Thank you very much Alan_Robertson2 for the details. That answered my question.

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Disclaimer: The following is not related to the “in game” resistance issue caused by a software bug. If after upgrading your firmware you still have no resistance on your bike, please open a ticket with Renpho support. It can be a hardware issue that may be covered by your warranty (if you’re still within 1 year from the date of purchase).

Hi Frank_Behr and Piotr

So in short the cooling is done by heatsink only and there is no fan to expulse the heat from the inside of the bike cover. Only the small vents holes at the front and under the bike that are useless the way they are designed.

Next step is to pull apart my new bike and swap the components with my defective one.

No resistance hardware failure troubleshooting steps and results.

Replace the Bluetooth handlebar console.
Did not fix my issue. Go to step 2.

Mesure both resistors with an Ohm meter and compare the results.
Not tested yet.
Go to step 3.

Replace the circuit board and the resistor (soldered on it) with the ones from the new bike.
Not tested yet

If It fix the issue go to step 4
If it doesn’t fix jump to step 6

At that point the bike is working fine with the new circuit board and resistor.This step is required to identify which part between the resistor or the cicuit board of the defective bike is faulty.

Swap the resistors. Keep the new circuit board but desolder both resistors and swap with the one from the defective bike.
Not tested yet

If the resistor replacement cause the bike to fail again with the new circuit board, it mean the resistor is the faulty part and need to be replaced by a new one.
If the resistor replacement doesn’t make any difference meaning the bike is still working good, it means that the board from the defective bike is the problem. Go to step 5

First look at the board and check for a burned component. Check under the board for a cold solder junction.
If nothing relevant is found at first look, Individuals components will need to be desolder and tested starting by transistors, capacitor ect…
Not tested yet

At that point the new handlebar and new cicuit board with resistor did not fix the problem.
This mean the motor maybe faulty. To proove it, take the circuit board and resistor from the defective bike and test on the new bike motor and handlebar. Again the new bike should be working with your old circuit board and resistor. This mean the motor is the faulty part on the defective bike.
Not tested yet

I will update my post here to keep the remaining thread as short as I can since the firmware issue been resolved for the Zwift in game resistance problem.

The above troubleshooting steps are intended to help understanding the root cause of the Renpho AI bike (mine in that particular case) that have no resistance at all in both apps (Zwift and AI Gym) as well as in standalone mode due to hardware a failure.



Renpho has released a firmware update that fixes the Bluetooth issues. We’ve been in touch with enough Zwifters who’ve confirmed that we can confidently direct you to Renpho’s support team for assistance


My bet is on a circuit card. Probably one of the components failed from overheating, like one of the transistors on the card.

I’m afraid the Bluetooth issue remains. Zwift doesn’t detect my Renpho bike. After 2 weeks of being unable to use Zwift since your update I am afraid that I am left with little option other than to cancel my subscription.

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Did you make sure that location services are enabled for the Zwift app? I had the same issue of Zwift not finding my Renpho bike until I enabled location services.

You may want to give a try with another device too. Like a Bluetooth enabled PC running Windows 10, Android or IOS phone and/or tablet.

Good luck! :wink:

Since the update at the start of the year the Renpho AI bike has ceased to work with Zwift. The problem was a complete loss of resistance. Later Zwift stopped connecting to the AI bike at all. Another thread on this issue states “SOLVED” but it is not. Zwift does now connect to the Renpho AI bike (as of today) but the lack of resistance remains. This renders Zwift unusable.


Did you have update your bike? This resolves the problem.

I’ve been following this thread for awhile. Myself like others have been having tremendous issues with my Renpho bike connecting to Zwift for a month now. I have already put my Zwift account on hold till resolved. Just today a firmware update for my bike… I have resistance now while pedalling. The problem now is, my avatar does NOT MOVE within Zwift. I’ve tried everything. Restarts of the bike and the app. Tried the app on iPad and Apple TV. Nothing works. Avatar just sits on the side of the road. I really cannot believe all these issues occurring for this scenario. I certainly cannot believe that the firmware is deployed without being verified to work. (Apologies if this is rant - highly frustrated paying for a bike and Zwift and not being able to use them together).


Got it working after calling renpho from the number on the app customer support number. I sent a screenshot with my serial number and they forward an update firmware to get it going. Think they’re still iron things out before pushing it out live.

Here’s the update version I got today. It took 3 days from contact to get it sorted.

Well it seems to be working a little better now, however it does need more work.

The effort I put in is far higher for the same number of Watts as my friend… we are about the same fitness cycling outside so I think there is a problem there. We are going to try each other bikes in a reasonably controlled experiment at some point.

I’ve reduced the affects of hills on Zwift to see if it made a difference, and even off, but those settings seem to be ignored by Renpho Ai.

So it’s still not totally compatible with Zwift yet.

Hi I’ve just recieved my renpho bike love it app is brilliant but like many others I found zwift did not offer no resistance my console version is 1.0.985 and when I click firmware upgrade it says it’s up to date is mine out of date also when doing a scenic route on Al gym app I find the resistance does change on the routes automatically but the bike says gear 4 and stays on that number displayed is that correct please. Many thanks

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I this still an issue? I cannot connect to Zwift over Bluetooth with my Renpho bike when using android. The Zwift app cannot find the bike. It used to work back in November.

I can still connect over my pc laptop using windows 11.

If you’re using Android or iOS to run the Zwift app - you have to give Zwift permissions to use the Locations settings. In both mobile operating systems, the app’s ability to use the Bluetooth radio is bundled under Locations.

In Android, go to OS settings > Apps > Zwift > Permissions > Locations and give permissions for Zwift.

Thank you! That fixed my issue :slight_smile:

Got my Renpho bike yesterday and had the exact same issue. Emailed them the serial numbers and my purchase code (from amazon) after I had already downloaded and registered with their AI Gym app.

Got back to me after a few hours informing me that they will send the new firmware to upgrade to Console Version V1.0.1087. This solved the automatic resistance. Bike works perfectly now.


So I got the latest update from renpho. I’m using a laptop and it located the device but tells me “no signal”. What am I missing?

Renpho just pushed out a firmware update today to my new bike via the app (after I emailed them about the same issue you have–reverting to 4th gear and no resistance), and now it doesn’t see watts, cadence, or anything at all. Before, it just had no resistance but at least it saw cadence and watts. The Peloton app doesn’t see cadence either anymore. They connect via bluetooth, but that’s the extent of it. I’ve had the bike for two weeks now and starting to become worried.
The firmware update I received is also 1.0.1087 .