Removing/Resetting Badges

(Stephen Moon (PACK)) #1


I’m a relative nube to Zwift, so apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere.

Is there a way to reset/remove badges if you attain them due to an error?? I have a classic trainer/speed/cadence combo and it went haywire on me recently, reporting over 1k Watts (my max is no where near that), so I ended up with all the Wattage related badges in error.

I doubt I’ll ever reach the heady levels of 1KW or higher, but would like to realistically aim at some of the lower levels.


(Paul Allen) #2

At the moment there is no way to remove earned badges. You can remove the max wattages numbers though (max 5 sec, 1 minute and so on) by deleting the corresponding file (the one with the date of the incident)  in Documents/Zwift/cp 

(Brian Hetman) #3

Would be nice if a fix for this issue could be created. Looking back and I see that people have been requesting this for 2 years. Somehow I managed to unlock badges up to 1200W. I’m nowhere even close to that and having these unearned badges takes away from my ride.

(Stephen Moon (PACK)) #4

Thanks Paul and Brian. I knew I should have read the previous posts a bit more !! :slight_smile: Reading the other posts Brian provided, sounds like I too experienced this ‘power bug’, as the other rider’s experience sounds like mine, multiple badges in quick succession, all out of the blue. I’d just assumed my speed/cadence sensor had been the issue, not a possible bug. Just don’t tell my wife, as I’m saying I need a nice new smart trainer because of the un-reliablity of speed/cadence sensors!! :wink:

So I’ll try raising a ticket on this and see if I can add to the numbers needing a fix

(Robban Buzasy 🎅PinkSanta ZHR(d) WBR(C)) #5

I too had the same problem when I had a connection glitch and after it went haywire and maxed out my wattage…giving me ALL the sprint wattage badges.


(Christopher Kaiser) #6

Same issue here. Really annoying. I think I’m going to keep the cadence/speed pairing disabled. It has never been paired before and 1st ride had this issue.