Removing a Power source -ATV

Is there a bug whereby if you remove a power source you can no longer add that source back, or it causes an issue with the source selection on ATV?

Wattbike Atom

Removed power source from ATV
Once removed zwift on ATV will no longer pick up any Bluetooth devices.

Wattbike connects to RGT on the same ATV after a reboot.
Wattbike connects to zwift via iPhone after a reboot via Bluetooth
Zwift refuses to see any Bluetooth connections - not even HR.

It’s not the wattbike as connects to multiple sources, it’s not Bluetooth as RGT works fine, it’s not ATV as again RGT works fine.

I’m currently reinstalling the zwift app to see if this resolves the issue…

Reinstalling Zwift application restored its Bluetooth connections.