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I disagree Eric with a guy over 200lbs not winning a sprint prize. I weigh 260lbs and won the power output at the Tour Down Under in sand shoes on the wattbike at 1778 watts. I then did a 30 second effort seated on a wheel based trainer and got within 4 metres of the pros. Ok I’m 44 and not over 50 hehe. Don’t assume old equals slow…

Well, I don’t assume that old = slow.

I guess I do assume that as people age, they will not be able to perform at the level of a much younger person. And, due to some simple laws of physics (you know the ones that Newton wrote so much about?) a heavier person will require more energy to accelerate and maintain velocity (due to inertia, friction, and that thang called gravity, and some more STUFF).

1778 watts is quite an effort Jonathan - you are an exceptional human and I would guess that you know that. 

I encourage you to look at the video of Robert Förstemann, an Olympic cyclist with 74cm legs having a hard time generating 700 watts long enough to toast a piece of bread. Robert is, shall we say, quite a physical looking guy.

If you are indeed able to produce more that 2 times as much energy as Robert you really are an astonishing human.

Therefore, your statement may be more about you posting your superhuman effort than simply disagreeing with me.

My intention with that statement was to simply provide an example to hopefully have Zwift/Strava add more functional filters which mere mortals such as myself would appreciate.

Your comment was superfluous at best.


Yes have seen that video. My 1778 Watts was peak output. 700 watts for a couple of minutes is a whole new kettle of fish. And my legs look nothing like that. I am more a time trialist than a sprinter. Below is a pic when I was 18 and about 165 lbs… 

Totally agree re weight Eric. Used to fly up the hills at 165lbs. At 260lbs little old ladies with bikes with baskets I have trouble dropping :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

It’s not going away BUT we have more stuff in the works on how to keep things fair and civil. And, honestly, we already have a thread about zPower and such.