Remove in-game achievements/badges

Hi Zwift ,
I would like to have the ability to remove in-game achievements/badges.
In my case it was a faulty trainer . Know I have a list of badges I did not work for .

I am also interested in this thread. Any news?

At the moment there is no way to remove those achievements/badges.

Since there is no way to remove the Badges, is there a way to at least reset the crit power curve? My 9yo hat the same issue on her first ride down the AdZ. Screen froze and the Trainer reported 1600W. Since March, her CritPower Curve is out of whack. Didn’t matter as of recently when she got more serious with cycling. But there is no way to track critpower development cause there is a 1600W at the 5sec intersection and a 600something at the 1Minute mark. Pretty much ruins the experience after a ride:(

All you would need to do is delete the file with the same date as the erroneous power numbers in the \Documents\Zwift\cp\user**** folder.

If you don’t know the exact date just delete all the files within a range of dates.


Hey Paul,

thanks, that did the trick. Her Critpower is diwn to 206 for 5sec. Thanks for the quick reply. Enjoy the rest of the Year and keep on being that helpful.


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