Remove Error from Zwift (Best) in Today's Plan

In Today’s Plan, it’s picking up my Best Power stats from a ride during which I had some kind of trainer malfunction which resulted in me having put out 1800W - a figure I’m never going to produce!

I can’t see where it’s picking this up from - but understandably it’s skewing my figures somewhat. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

It’s not from one of rides since I joined Today’s Plan so I can’t delete the ride there, it’s not on ZwiftPower so I can’t track the date down from that, and having gone back through the rides in my activity log on the zwift website I can’t see a ride with a max power that high.

Hi Mark,

Does this article on the support site help address what you’re looking for?

I’m not sure it does, as I don’t think that Today’s Plan is accessing my local Zwift files?

HI keep it as a talking point with other riders hahaha

I now understand that the data line I was looking at is actually of the best person on Zwift, rather than my best figures (it just happens to look on the surface similar to my bike malfunction!). So I’ve just removed that data line from the dashboard as it’s pretty meaningless and I’ll find a different way to make the comparisons.