Removal of results

I need to have some removal of results from Zwift Power. My trainer for 3 months was overreading significantly (I thought I had found some great form after the summer but alas) and I am now ranked as an A+, when I should be an A. I have dual recording evidence of the overreading during this time and the now accuate reading - results to be removed are between 11th September to 23rd October.

send an email to explaining the issue.


Hi had the same issue, albeit C and B not A + (I wish) . I found it was when i carried out a new FTP test and also took part in a Races where Zwift looked at a 20 minute segment and noticed i have increased my FTP due to racing above the FTP i had done in a ramp test and moved me up a level. I contacted help desk and they removed results

If Zwift noticed that you had a higher FTP than a old ramp test in a race over 20 mins then congratulations, that’s your new FTP. Not an old result from a ramp test. If that put you up a category then again, congratulations, that’s your new category.