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Why don’t you spare a WHOLE lot of people a WHOLE lot of frustration and just remove the Remember Me option on login. It hasn’t worked for weeks and I’ve just accepted it as such but what really blows up my skirt is if I’m paying for something and it’s not working. JUST REMOVE IT since you have no idea how to make it work reliably.

You used 66 words to say you don’t want to type one word. LOL


Sorry that the Zwift login isn’t acting as it should! This is a known issue that is currently being monitored and investigated. For updates on this issue keep tabs on this link:

Thank you so much for your patience as we work things out! 

And ALL 66 words are free while I pay for that one word. Like I said using those 66 words - if you cannot make it work, remove it. Simple really. Do not provide functionality that does not work. The odd glitch happens but this has been going for weeks. Always amaze me how people would spend the time not adding any value to a conversation.OK now go and count that and maybe do a spell check, both very important.

I don’t think we have to pay to type our passwords, but I may be wrong.

I don’t get what the big deal is with typing in your password. You do it once a day maybe twice.  I would suggest to make a very easy password while they work on the issue.

Just as it amaze you how people spend time to not add value, It amaze me how people can keep complaining about something that are clearly being worked on. 


Riding your bike will reduce all that stress and frustration.


Gerrie my ou maatjie, since zwift is not open source I pay to use it, not rocket science to figure out really. But while we are all very amazed I would appreciate it if you do not comment on any of my posts if you do not, or cannot add value. Counting words, checking spelling mistakes and telling me what my satisfaction level should be for a service I pay for does not add value to my life. 

You are welcome to contact me on [MOD NOTERemember not to share your own or other’s personal information] if you really have a burning desire to live out your dream of becoming a life coach.


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A Oosthuizen (C)

Make sure you read this:

  • Do not share your own or others’ personal information (i.e. email addresses).

Just an FYI on my Windows PC all I have to do is click in the email (user name) box and then the password box and it auto-fills, no need to type. On the ZCA I do need to enter the info though, but that is only once per day if I ride.

A Oosthuizen (C) dry your eyes FFS.

P MAC Still not adding any value genius JMSP. Maybe the bold font is supposed to do this?

You must be South African. JMSP lol.