Reloading Crashed Partial Ride

(colin red-TKM RCC +100kg) #1

Recently I cleared my schedule of meetings, sent my adorable kids to daycare so I could get the 160km (100mile) jersey(s).

At 80km mark, the screen lost detail/time updates, riders etc (which usually happens with slow internet connections, I’m in Australia, so it’s always slow) then at the 83km mark the screen crashed altogether, leaving only the Error Message Dialogue Box. When I reopened the Partial Ride file in Zwift, it showed the ride only at 77km.

I know this will happen due to a myriad of factors, internet connection, software, operating system, bluetooth etc etc.

However what I’d like a Bug Fix PLEASE. One that allows a Partial Ride file to be reinstated within a set time frame to quell abuse/misuse etc.

Based on the fact that I noticed a screen data refresh issue at the 80km mark, (which usually means a throttling in internet speed due to incoming email, someone opening web pages, downloading files etc etc). Then a complete failure of Zwift at the 83km - only to have a 77km ride registered on Zwift. Meaning a reinstatement time needs to consider this lag of approximately 6km, which in my case equates 36km/hr - so I think a 10 - 15 minute window is an appropriate time to reload etc etc. Anytime after this leaves it open for abuse.

Also, the maximum time for a single ride to be renewed multiple times, should be set around the 7hr mark. (that is to say you may experience constant dropping out of internet connection during a single ride, so there might be a need to reload the ‘partial ride’ more than once)

I’d like to see a countdown down radio button added next to the ‘Partial Ride’ details on the Zwift Dashboard, that allows the file to be opened in Zwift and continued.

Please magical Zwift Developer Fairies/Elves grant me my wish.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Colin, what you really really want is software that doesn’t crash.  Did you send in a ticket with all that juicy info the crash screen gives you?  It’d tell us exactly what happened so we could try to fix it.


(colin red-TKM RCC +100kg) #3

I submitted a ticket, they suggested I put my suggestion forward here in this forum. All I have is the .fit file, here is the link to the file in my DropBox account.


(Duane Gran [Vision]) #4

This is actually a really good idea.  Nobody likes software crashes but they will happen and if you have your effort and sweat (literally) invested into your progress it can be extra frustrating.  I’ve used probably a dozen different trainer programs and to mind none have offered the ability to resume a workout after a system crash.  It is a hard feature to market, but I know that people would love it if were possible to resume a ride from an auto saved state.

(colin red-TKM RCC +100kg) #5

OK - I’ve found the LOG files - here they are in the DropBox, there are 2 sets of LOG.TXT files. The earlier dated files on the same days are the files that crashed. The later TXT file is the relaunch.

Hope this helps. The later files crashed, I feel, due to bandwidth throttling, caused by my wife’s online shopping and daughter streaming PlaySchool. I noticed once they had their iPads out, that my Zwift screen reverted back to the stripped down bare essentials - ie just me on the bike, no other rider lists, rolling time updates etc.Then it CRASHED.

(Johnathan Harrell) #6

Colin - this has happened to me almost on 50% of my Zwift use. I would LOVE to see Zwift figure this out as it makes a game that rewards for miles ridden pointless (and all sorts of frustrating). 

(Rob Denton) #7

I just did a training ride and it cut out 2/3 of the way through. Lost all the data, cannot upload to strava, which is annoying as I now cannot see how the ride has contributed to my monthly goals. 

(Richard Treadway) #8

I had a similar Zwift crash.  After the crash I restarted Zwift and finshed my ride.  The second half worked and was saved correctly so I had 2 entries in Zwift (1 partial and 1 complete)   I was able to fix the “partial” corrupt file and combine it with the second half of the ride by down loading the .FIT files from Zwift and using these .FIT file tools.

I then upload the combined file to Strava.