Reliable turbo trainer?

Hi. I’ve been using an Elite Suito for the last 6 months. After much perseverance - erratic cadence/power readings, knocking noise, suspected low power output - it’s going back on warranty today. A shame, as I like the fact it’s easily stowable when not being used; once bitten twice shy - I might have just been unlucky with the unit I had, but I’m not prepared to try a replacement.

What to replace it with (in the entry/mid-market category)?

On the forums it seems every trainer has its issues. I just want accurate, easy to connect and reliable. Noise levels not so important, and max. power / gradient doesn’t need to be huge.

Would be interested to hear other users’ experiences.

I’m on a Neo 2 and have had my fair share of issues. To be fair these are not consistent with others experience so in the main I’d say it’s a great bit of kit.
This wouldn’t fit the entry/mid market bracket though.

The Flux 2 is probably classed as mid range. That said do some research, you’ll find good and bad reviews of everything on the market and remember people tend to only write something when it’s wrong.

Accuracy in reality will only be good with a direct drive trainer which are ultimately quieter and have the added bonus of being smart so you’ll get slope simulation. In terms of max power most are capable of handling power more than the average user can put out. I’ve yet to come close to maxing the 2500w on the Neo. I haven’t even got halfway there…