Reinstall Zwift

Dear support team,

My laptop (Dell with i5 processor) is getting slower each day and want to reinstall Windows. As I’m making back-ups, do I need to make a back-up of some Zwift files also or is everything in the “cloud” and will all my settings/bikes/shirts/levels back after reinstallation?

If not, which files do I’ve to back-up and copy + paste back after reinstallation?

With regards,


If you created custom workouts you should copy the \documents\zwift\workouts 

I run it Zwift on a couple devices (PC, iPhone and iPad) and the only things that are different between them are the custom workouts that I have not copied over and the max power numbers (this is in the \documents\zwift\cp folder). Everything else is stored on the Zwift servers so there is no need to backup everything. 

If you made any changes to the prefs.xml you might want to back that up.