registering in a race on zwift power

(Carol Kay (REALDEAL|AQUILA)) #1

 How do you register for a race on Zwift power?  I can’t find any instruction or links on the main page.  I have my account open, but sometimes I am on the result board, but other times i am not.  I want to be able to confirm that I am registered.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

Just looked you up at You are registered. Go to your profile and look at the events you’ve done:

(Carol Kay (REALDEAL|AQUILA)) #3

Nigel,  Why did I not get on the race results board for April 4th and March 24th?  I did nothing different.



(Nigel Doyle) #4

You are in the results. Click on the filtered tab. The WKG one is where you exceeded the w/kg for the grade you entered I think.

(Carol Kay (REALDEAL|AQUILA)) #5

Thanks.  That makes sense.  I’m right on the C to B border with my w/kg, not that I’ve won a race yet.  the ‘filtered’ tab showed the info I wanted anyway.