Registering for Movember

First time I’ve been able to ride for Movember challenge but no Join Now box in corner of screen!
Any ideas?

After some teething problems at the beginning, I’ve now got my 100%. I hope that means that the problems for other people are getting sorted.

Any more info on Movember?


I have “registered” more than 3 times now. I have ridden only twice this month, shame on me, but no progress bar updates… anyone else having issues logging minutes?

The join Movember box appears on the left side of the screen, however it is not always visible because other events are taking their moment on the screen also ( Zwift academy stuff etc). You have to wait while those events scroll past… then click on Movember when it appears.

Hey! Both my wife and I completed the challenge, but haven’t heard from Zwift as to whether the community completed the task and whether their donation has been made - keen to know as it was a great reason to ride and a great cause.

The goal was met and the donation was made, they announced it on Facebook and Twitter last week.

Awesome - thanks Paul - great to hear!

Great news