Registering for Movember

When/how can I register for Movember? The email Zwift sent suggests that registration is open but when I logged on I could not see a registration link.

Also, an ignorant question: If I was to register for this do I need to complete the hours in specific rides or do my solo rides/workouts count towards it?


From the information that was released I interpreted this to mean that all rides and runs will count toward the 9.9 hours regardless of solo rides, events, races, etc…

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Thanks! Have you managed to register?

No, I also didn’t see the “join” button when I logged in last night after the update. I also wasn’t getting the Halloween costume after riding past a bunch of pumpkins in the underwater tunnel.

I was in a workout so I didn’t have the costume but as soon as I completed the workout I appeared in green padded legs and arms :joy:

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I was in a workout also, but I ended my ride right as I was completing it, so maybe I just exited too soon.

Yes, I think you did. I had to return to Watopia after the workout to see the costume.

Oh well, something to look forward to on tonight’s ride then!

Ride on!

Ride on! :slight_smile:

I’d spent some time looking for the registration as well, in the end I email the support team. Response below FYI

The Movember event will start on November 1st. Once it hits Friday you’ll see the sign-up on the upper left hand corner of the world select screen in the game.



Thanks for the info Mark

Thanks for the clarification!

Still cant see it and it’s nov 1 here :smiley:

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I can. Now at least.

After i completed my ride i could see it aswell

Yep! First hour done!

Quick question if you guys know. Can I enter two events at the same time? I want to do the El Giro de Rigo on Sunday but will this also count towards Movember?


I logged on at 6am London time this morning, and there was no option to register on the left of the main screen :frowning:
When i finished my ride at 7am, I saved and exited… but randomly thought I’d just open Zwift again and see if it was there… Lo and behold, the register box had appeared!
But after registering, my ride completed 1 hr ago on 1st Nov does not count :frowning: How annoying!

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Based on past experience, I would guess that you would get credit for Movember while doing the Giro de Rigo. This isn’t really two events at once, which I don’t think can be done, but one event and one mission. Sort of like getting credit toward the Tron bike while doing other rides and races.

I only could register for Movember today (on 3 November). Yesterday I was still unable to register.

Today after registration I rode Giro Del Rigo. Movember counter is still on 0.0h. Also no Jersey for Giro del Rigo was received :-/

I was unable to register for this mission (or any other one) using my iOS app, which seems to be a common issue for many Zwifters registering for missions. I did get registered using my Windows machine, and now I can see my progress in the iOS app. But since I ride exclusively using the iOS app, would it be possible to use it to register for missions there as well? (I have the latest version, of course.)