Reduced yearly Subscription

(. KeithD [WKG](c) Final Front EAR) #1

 I would like to see a yearly subscription implemented. A reduced fee for the year. 

(i SteveMQ [Kura-1%PM]) #2

many online games (MMOs) have a reduced yearly subscription fee if paid in full/advance.  This is appropriate for Zwifters who show loyalty & are fully committed to the platform… something like a 25% discount would be fair =)

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #3

Yes, please, have my vote?

(i SteveMQ [Kura-1%PM]) #4

I did vote =)

(Stef Levolger) #5

Support. Especially with the strava premium deal is running out at the end of the year this would be a nice addition.

Furthermore, loyalty items would also be nice. Per 3 months cumulative membership a new jersey for example and per 12 months cumulative membership a new bike.

(. MRBaldi Coaching T-ZHR) #6

Makes business sense.

Many users will use Zwift only in colder months, say October to March. That’s 6 months at £8 a month, £48 a year. The “loyalists” will be spending £96 a year.

Encourage the cold-weather Zwifters to pay a bit more to have the possibility of using it once a week, while rewarding the die-hards for not disappearing over the Spring and Summer. Something like £72 a year, splitting the difference between the two, payable in one lump sum.

(De Mac) #7

Not too sure that USD$10 per month is such a big deal - fine if Zwift decided to do something, but hardly a dealbreaker for me…

(Markus Ottosson) #8

For us that can take the fee as a company expense (health/exercise related costs like this are tax free in some countries) it would be MUCH easier to have one payment per year instead of 12. For administrative reasons. No discount needed. Just the option. 

(Jim Mattson) #9

With the monthly rate going up to $14.95, a discounted 1-year or 2-year plan might be worth considering.

(andrew poor) #10

Another customer that would be happy with a discounted annual subscription rather than monthly.  

(Paul Allen) #11

Not a reduced price, but you do get a free magazine:


(chris gruyaert) #12

Also interesting, discounted one year subscriptions which can be suspended in the summer months, when you are on holiday.

(Darryl Hodgins) #13

I’d take a yearly subscription and even take the hit on the summer months, if it meant that I could sync my outdoor rides/runs with Zwift (for XP, achievements, special jerseys or whatever).

(gabriele tarsia incuria CVR (A)) #14

please add annual subscription! every platforms have one…
also trainingpeaks,strava,xert

(and they are less expensive…)

(Paul Allen) #15


There are yearly subscriptions already:


(gabriele tarsia incuria CVR (A)) #16

why should i pay one year at the same price of one month*12?

(Paul Allen) #17


Never said you had to, I just posted links to yearly subscriptions for Zwift to answer your question. 

Not sure why I am getting down voted for posting links that people ask for. I don’t make the subscription rates.


(gabriele tarsia incuria CVR (A)) #18

maybe because the name of the post is 

Reduced yearly Subscription

(Paul Allen) #19

Ya, I get that, but at the moment there is no reduced subscription so I posted links to yearly subscriptions options.

Also, your original post never mentioned anything about Reduced Subscription, just Yearly Subscription.

I apologize for trying to post/link helpful info. 

Again, I don’t make the pricing rates, I just posted links to some options.