Reduced animation and motion in the menus please

For accessibility reasons, I’d like to request an option to reduce the amount of motion and animation in the menus please.

I’ve been on Zwift since the beginning, and I think it’s brilliiant. But, the behaviour of the GUI changed for the worse in one of the recent releases and it now causes me great difficulty in navigating through the menus before the start of my ride. The route/event thumbnails and many of the buttons bounce violently when you mouse-over. The My Profile and My Settings menus also bounce violently upon open and close.

Since the change, the overall impact is to leaves me feeling ill before the start of the ride. I don’t mind feeling sick from making big efforts during a race, but I shouldn’t have to feel like this from the menus!

Useful background context and examples in the well established prefers-reduced-motion options for Windows, Mac, iOS, website CSS, etc.

Would really appreciate any efforts the team could make on this. It may sound minor, but it will make an absolutely massive difference to me, and many other people who might be suffering silently on it, if you calm things down in the menu/GUI.

Love everything else you’re doing - Zwift was aweome from beginning and has got better and better over the years. :+1: