Red Beacon Not Showing

For past two weeks we have been unable to see the red beacon for the rider to who it is assigned. The rider is on AppleTV, but the non-red beacon visibility is common fir all riders in our event.

For quite a while if the primary beacon logs into the pen after the backup beacon, riders seeing the backup won’t see the beacon change to the primary for the ride… If the primary has signed on and the beacon has switched back to them, only riders signed on after the primary see the correct person with the beacon.

THanks Sam - I was in as Yellow long before the Red beacon and this was the same regardless of whether the red beacon late joined or not.

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It’s strange, I’ve had it that mid-ride primary yellow dropped out and the beacon fell to me, I couldn’t see it over me and my messages to me where as normal, but others on the ride saw my messages as the main ones and the beacon over my head.

On our Friday ride the Yellow beacon saw the backup Red as holding the beacon the entire ride and I saw the correct red beacon…

I think I’ve seen comments about this from @Steve_May as well

Thats a long standing bug that does not happen 100% of the time. It can take exactly 10 minutes for the Yellow switch to on Windows / Macs but its instant for those on apple TV. Its only been happing for 2 years so maybe it not top of the list yet to fix :wink:

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I haven’t seen this bug personally as of yet; but one of my leaders confirmed with me the other night if I had the red beacon; as he (yellow beacon), was unable to see the red beacon over me during the ride.

We haven’t had as many issues recently with Yellow, but we’ve had times in the recent past where the Yellow Beacon took a different turn than the rest of the group. Once they realized what happened, they dropped. I was next in line for Yellow and it took quite awhile for everyone to see me with the Beacon.