Record of best times

(Chris Ashley B) #1

Just and idea - a record of the best sprint times/KOM times? Might be cool to have a small webpage the program sends data to a database and updates the times… then anyone can log in and see where they sit… sort by trainer type etc??

(Steve Voller) #2

I have been importing the rides in to strava and letting that take care of it although I noticed the times were just very slightly out. That’s probably something to do with the way that Strava reads the start and stop points.

But you are right it would be nice to see a record of previous rides when you enter the system

(Phill Hodgkinson (WoB)) #3

I think all of this is pointless until they actually allow for the entry of weight and use watts/kg as a basis for speed calculations. As someone else has mentioned they shouldn’t even be importing this completely false data to Strava until speeds/times are actually relative. That said, once they’re actually doing more than assuming everyone is 75kg, then a leader board makes a lot of sense.

(Steve Voller) #4

It actually is quite useful to import this into strava, because you can compare your times and see if you are improving , don’t worry about others as you can baseline rides against your own times for training and performance monitoring.

If you want to compare against others then zwift and strava isn’t the correct tool. Whether it’s right or wrong to upload is separate to monitoring if you want this as a training tool.

Luckily for me I do weigh 75 kg so the in screen power/weight is correct but for those heavier or lighter I can see it would be irritating