Record HRV Data on Zwift FIT File

Is it possible to have Zwift Activiies to record HRV data, assuming the user has a proper HR Monitor,(Like Garmin HRM, Polar H10, etc…). Garmin Computers are able to record this data when enabled

This would allow us to use online tools to figure out LT1 Threshold when doing rides on Zwift.

Thanks in advance!

Wouldnt be difficult to add a data field at all but of course a lot more than capturing a data field would go into making a business decision on a request like that.

I’m curious, I have used HRV to play with in the past to try and understand what makes us tick and how we can tick better etc, but have only ever seen it executed as a sampling - care to point to online fit file processor that can make use of that data?

You can try “runalyze”, and upload a FIT file that has HRV data, it will predict your Aerobic Threshold (LT1):

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