Recommended system based on new maps?


Is there guidance regarding the recommended computer system setup to achieve the various levels of display quality?
AND - how do the number of riders on screen influence these recommendations.

One reason I ask is that in the fall, my system seemed to perform OK, but when taking part in events with many riders and/or large maps I’ve had to adjust the display quality downward. Further, events with many riders now cause the system to “pause” (I see the spinning blue wheel for a bit) on occasion.

I understand that as Zwift gains popularity & the worlds expand the technological challenges become larger. I would like to think that Zwift is also cognizant of the systems available to both existing and potential users (it seems that just like cars, our PCs are sticking around longer and longer…and becoming more outdated). Avoiding the purchase of a gaming PC would be ideal (it’s not in my near future).


You can also check out when is is back up.

Zwift is mainly graphics driven so the best video card you can buy the better.

I use a AMD RX 580 4GB and have no lag when there are a lot of riders on course. I do have it overclocked and I don’t do group rides or races.

Depending on your currents system you may be able to upgrade only your GPU and have a much better experience. Used Nivdia GTA 970’s is a good option.

Thanks for the comments.

@Paul_Allen - are specs based on the current world size & number of users? As I noted, what works OK 9 months ago, seems to be lagging now.

What are the specs of your current system and is it a laptop or desktop.

Those are the specs posted by Zwift.

@Paul_Allen thanks, do you know when the Zwift specs were last updated?