Recommendations for gear

(Patrick McDougal) #1

My wife recently had an ACL repair and is just starting the bike riding part of her PT.  While she is active and physically fit, she had never been a road biker (a light mountain biker at best) but is interested in stationary bike for home.   I would prefer to setup a Zwift trainer for her to minimize the monotony of riding a bike indoors without spending $2000 (the Peloton we have considered).

Any suggestions regarding the approach (i.e. road biker with trainer vs stationary bike) and recommended equipment would be greatly appreciated.



(Zee Kryder) #2 There’s a lot of variables. The cheapest may be a garmin sensor to use what zwift calls estimated power, z-power.

zwift lists the trainers that they support for estimated power. Used wheel on trainers can be purchased used on ebay for low prices. Kurt Kinetic is one of the better brands in my opinion. Rollers may be useful as they won’t tax your injury too much.