Recommend an inexpensive video card that will run 1080p at high/ultra ~60 FPS?

I’m about to pull the trigger for Alienware 15 R2 with GTX965m GPU. Would this be sufficient to run ultra setting at 1080p with 30+FPS?

Sorry to dig up an old thread, but have been looking at a new PC for a while and want to build something that will run Ultra or close to on a 42inch LED Samsung TV.

Looking at the following:


ASRocks B150

16gb of DDR4 2133 RAM

Radeon RX470 4gb

Samsung 850 250gb SSD

Any views on the above?

As an experiment I wanted to build a cheap as hell Zwift PC that will be used in a garage , I own my own custom made i7, 970GTX, 32GB ram games rig. Thats for Battlefield 4 and not Zwift!

I was using my Sons Lenovo Z51 i7 laptop with the AMD R9 4GB, he was getting a bit annoyed that I was stealing his laptop, so that is why I needed another cheap pc. 

I used a thrown out HP DC7700 small form factor PC that had the 1.8 Core 2 Duo, I Chose the MSI GeForce GTX 750 Ti Low Profile 2GB GDDR5, 1 because it would fit in this old office PC case, and 2nd that it didn’t need extra power cables.

It would run 1080p which is “high” setting it would show 60fps using fraps it was frame rate locked, but it was pushing the CPU. Main thing is it worked just to run zwift. Sadly that PC is now dead (Main reason it was thrown out) so I looked on ebay for the cheapest motherboard and cpu bundle I could find.

I have chosen the mighty Q6600 & foxcon LGA 755 motherboard with 4GB ram for the hefty price of £25. (One of the best CPU’s in the good old days)

As this is a quad core it has no trouble in playing zwift. I did use the ultra setting but it’s wasted as my monitor is just 1080p not 1440p

Dont forget 1440p is 2,560 x 1,440. so unless you are playing zwift on a 1440p monitor and not a 1080p Monitor or TV then I don’t see the benefit.

1440p is pushing the 750ti draw distance, and it was really noticeable on the London level.

So anyone using a Q series intel or equivalent or newer will not have an issue, the SSD is critical if you want the PC to be fast.