Recognizing sitting or standing

I am very happy with Zwift, but one thing still bothers me a lot!
The random disappearance of the avatar.
My idea would be to develop another hardware that is placed on the saddle and reacts to pressure.
So here when the switch is released.
Because it is often enough the case that the avatar does not reflect the behavior of the user.
I would really celebrate that!

Best regards

Are you saying that you avatar disappears leaving you with just the bike on screen? This can happen when using a device that struggles to run the game. What device are you using?

As for if the avatar sits or stands from what I’ve observed this is decided based on your cadence and watt out. And is far from random.

I mean the second, but my point was that you should be able to determine the behavior of the avatar yourself. Often enough I went out of the saddle and the avatar stayed seated and vice versa.
The Zwift team should be able to develop a device and adapt Zwift so that you can determine the behavior yourself.