I’ve paid for the monthly subscription a couple weeks ago on my IOS device and I run Zwift on Windows 10. After the free trial ended I can no longer use Zwift on my laptop. I can open Zwift and connect my bluetooth devices just fine but my avatar won’t budge because I guess Zwift and my IOS subscription aren’t linked correctly anymore for some reason. I’ve since tried to login into my Zwift account on my laptop but there is a reCAPTCHA and because google products are blocked where I am at it never loads. I’ve tried doing the “restore purchase” work around but I get a validation error . Are there any other work arounds?

If you are logging in with the same email address, then your profile/subscription will follow you regardless of the device.

For your Windows laptop reCaptcha problem, checkout out the post below for a workaround.

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to solve my issue. When I launch Zwift, it logs into my account just fine(sorry I didn’t make that clear). The problem is that it’s saying that my free trial is over. But, when I go to my subscriptions on my iPhone the subscription is Active and doesn’t expire until mid December. Is there a way to fix this?

If the solution involves logging into my account on zwift dot com then I have another issue. The reCAPTCHA won’t load.

Right, got it now. So not the reCapture problem we have recently had on teh app.

If you have followed the Restore Purchase instructions as posted in the post below (from your 1st post, it seems you have), then best bet is to get hold of support via the Contact Us button.

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