Really need a way for "partial rides" to count for Zwift totals; also a way to kick the KICRK to sim mode

Zwift-I think it is really important that you guys figure out how to make “partial rides” count towards the totals for your Zwift career.  My internet seems to crap the bed whenever I am done riding, and so instead of my whole ride counting, it counts nothing, though at least I can get the file for Strava.  Zwift also seems to hang a lot when it is trying to upload.  Weird thing is I know this can happen, so I checked to make sure the internet was working by loading a webpage successfully, immediately hit “I’m done” and then it sat there for 5 mins presumably trying to upload as my crappy internet STB.  I’m not sure what the point is in not counting the partial rides to the totals, as clearly the Zwift rider has done the work.  I will say I probably won’t pay for Zwift until this part is cleared up, I’m sure I’m not the only one with bad internet who uses Zwift.  

Secondly I think it would be great to have a button when you connect your KICKR (if you are using one) to force the KICKR to sim mode.  I know this is supposed to happen automatically but for mine it does not seem to-seems to default to erg or resistance mode.  Just a simple button to affirm that KICKR is taking commands from Zwift.  What would be even cooler is a feature telling you if your KICKR seems to be taking commands from applications other than Zwift-would help a lot with troubleshooting.  On this note I do make sure that Zwift is the first thing to connect to the KICKR when I turn it on, but for some reason it does not seem to want to go to sim mode automatically.  Also, a setting to possibly set the max watts you might need on the KICKR, so it could scale the map appropriately?  Anyways.  I have enjoyed it so far, just adding my thoughts on how to make it better!

Richard - updated firmware??

Yeah updated to latest firmware on KICKR, seems to be working better now but I kick it over with the Wahoo Fitness app just to make sure, and I keep that open on my phone in case anything gets wonky.  I haven’t used Zwift in about a month (it has been a warm fall), seems smoother now.  

44% of my rides on Zwift are partials. Not paying for Zwift till its fixed (Trainer Road works every time, so I know its possible).

I love Zwift, but the more I use it, the more the interface issues bother me. There are some simple updates that Zwift could make quickly that they are just not doing. I don’t get it. It is really, really half-baked at this point. Just glad I am a Strava Premium member. I can’t see paying for this yet. Sigh…

And BTW Zwift - ADD SOME NEW MAPS, auto sign-in, teach it to save my ALL my sensors, and for the love of biking allow us to mod the display for what we want to see.