Really?Am I this uncoordinated?

Had to share this. First day on Zwift, first day on my new NEO, first real day on a trainer. I’m psyched. I’ve logged many, many thousands of miles on the road, never once tasted asphalt. Somehow I managed to fall off a trainer in the last 10 minutes of my FTP test. Bike ripped off of the NEO, bent the quick release (which now won’t come out), and might have boofed the NEO in the process. I’m ready for tomorrow though!

Oh, and trying to pair the Tickr with Zwift is a PITA!

Hope there is no permanent damage to your bike, the Neo, or your ego :grin:

Get yourself an old school steel skewer with internal-type cam. And next time, make sure your rear skewer is secured properly.

You must be using the Apple TV.

Close. Ipad. Is the Tickr nororiously tough to pair with Apple proucts?

The Apple TV works really well. Trying to pair to the companion app while using the Apple TV is particularly challenging.

Which Tickr model?

There’s a known issue with the Tickr FIT optical HRM.

I think I just have the plain old Wahoo TICKR, not the FIT version.

Question related to what @Aaron mentioned about pairing the communion app. Is it better to pair the HRM with companion app on iPhone or with the main app running on an iPad?

No need to use the companion app, to gate BTLE devices, when using an iPad … the iPad has plenty of BTLE connections available.

The companion app is only when you have limited, or no, BTLE connections available.

If you have a windows laptop, and no ANT+ dongle, you will need to use the companion app. Similarly for the Apple TV, which only has 2 BTLE connections available (TvOS limitation), you need to use the companion app.


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