Realistic Passing Distances

I’m a new user to Zwift cycling and here’s a few observations on the realism of the animation:

  1. Passing distances for cyclists seems way too close to be realistic. Perhaps change the algorithm to set passing distances as a function of local cyclist density (i.e. tighter in packs than two cyclists passing each other on an otherwise open road) and relative speed (more space when the speed difference is greater).
  2. Similarly, passing distances at intersections also seems a bit crazy - I’ve had a number of close crosses which were completely unnecessary (and therefore grossly unrealistic).
    I know this stuff can be tweaked up with a bit more thought.
    Thanks in advance !!

I suspect this would be fairly far down on the priorities list, given all the other issues (both bugs and features) that would be more important to function. I’d rather see built-in voice communications, for example. Riding through someone doesn’t bother me much at all, but more importantly it doesn’t affect someone’s ability to use the platform.

You can look in the Bugs and Support channel and see a robust discussion of pacing and pack dynamics–how drafting affects your speeds on a ride. I think a lot of people will want that sorted out first :slight_smile:

It would be better to have it look even more realistic, I’m not one to poop in someone’s cheerios for no reason. I just think it would be a very low priority given what else people are asking for.

(Full disclosure, I actually think it’s kind of funny when I blast right into a runner’s or cyclist’s avatar when crossing an intersection. Happened just yesterday on the volcano circuit, me at 40kph full on into a runner crossing my path. The carnage! :smiley: )