Realistic or Suspicious? Part Deux.

Thanks for the quick response on my initial post Eric, but I wish you hadn’t closed it as I have other questions.

It was a legitimate question, because I suppose it could be possible to hold 6W/kg for quite a while - I’m just not sure how long.

Or, if 20kms at 6W/kg is unrealistic, I’m curious about your algorithm for detecting “irregularities”.    For example, are you just screening for >X W/kg, or are you checking for Y W/kg (with Y < X ) but over a time period.

I suppose my point is that over a long enough time frame, some sustained outputs can start to look suspicious.

The hard-points are ever evolving and will change as we get more data from other riders. This is a dialing in process for flier detection rather than a set of absolutes.