Realaxiom v4 trainer not viewed by zwift

Hi I am using zwift with elite realaxiom wired version and I adjust manually resistance to do workout and races. I remembered to read some topics that said the realaxiom wired trainer has to be detected by zwift. Can you help me to make realaxiom working with swift?
Thanks for answering

No all versions of the Realaxiom are compatible,

Do you see the Realaxiom in the paring screen?

No I do not see anything in the paring screen

I have axiom 4 version of realaxiom

Thanks for the information,

I am looking for the forum thread that specified the correct version. I will post if I can find it, it is from 2016. :scream:

Thanks a lot

Hi @filippo_balestreri

Told you I will find it.

The bad news is the V4 is not supported.


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