Real Video Runs - 60fps 4k

(Andrew Finlay) #1

The TechoGym top end machines have a virtual run feature e.g. someone has videos doing a run, and that is the background as ytou move along the course e.g. along the golden gate in San Franciso, and it is kind of cool to see real places and people and landmarks.

If you could do something like that, perhaps shoot in 60fps 4k, would look awesome on my computer, grab a few angles as well. Perhaps a 1080p box bottom right showing behind the runner.

(Nigel Doyle) #2

This is Zwift. You get a virtual world. If you want to watch real world videos while you workout then watch real world videos.

(Samuel Poe) #3

There are plenty of services that offer this, both subscription, free, and per-video/collection based costs. Most trainers, especially smart trainers, come with their own - or - if you go to the companies website you’ll find complementary training videos and software. Real ride-along videos that keep pace with your speed are a dime-o-dozen and plenty are free depending on your trainer. 

(Andrew Finlay) #4

OK but I assume you are both riders right? As a runner we are austricised to the right hand bit of the road to run on… That’s not how I see the world

(Vincent W.) #5

Hey Andrew, glad you suggested this! A feature like this may not necessarily be in the plans right now, but I’d love to forward it over to the development teams just in case. Keep the suggestions coming :)