Ready to re-join for Winter: Strava "free" 2 months?

(DB Smith (65+)) #1

Now that my outdoor season is almost over I’m getting ready to re-join Zwift for the 2016-17 Winter. I understand that my original Zwift account/miles/etc will all be there waiting from me when I re-subscribe.

My Strava Premium membership runs from March to March i.e. I re-upped with Strava in March 2016 (and received NO free 2 months on Zwift).

My question: How do I get the Strava Premium “free” 2 months for the 2016-17 Zwift season?

Sorry if this has been asked before; I tried searching the knowledge base and the community but couldn’t find anything directly on point.

(Andre Hufschmid) #2

Hi, as i understand this is a one-timer. You only get 2 free months once and not every year.