Reactivating ERG

Got a message on the upper stat bar during my warmup that the “EGR is reactivating”. Well it never “reactivated” and I wasn’t able to do my workout. I checked the EGR and it was ON but it never functioned. Any idea on how to get it working again?

Which platform (PC, Android, iOS), trainer and connection method (ANT+ or Bluetooth) are you using?

There are various instances reported where erg mode has stopped working, and some are specific to particular types.

It could just be fixed by pausing the workout, and turning your trainer off and on again.

You can pause the working using the Companion:

Or press Up-Arrow on the keyboard and select the pause icon from the menu bar.

(You could just try toggling it with the erg mode button on the app too.)

In the past if my trainer got out of ERG and was trying to establish again I would get a notice at the top about it and a message saying hold my watts steady so it could get back into ERG. I have a Tacx Vortex.