Reactivated ZWIFT but still on trail (Not iTunes)

I reactivated my Zwify account online (Zwift website) and it has charged my credit card on Sept 16th. When I log into ZWIFT it still shows (25km left on Trial) on both Windows or iOS.
When I look at my account online it says the next billing date is Oct 16th (so that looks right) but then it also says “renews Oct 1st”.

Hi @Zwifter5000, welcome to the Zwift Forums! :smiley:
We typically don’t handle account issues via the Forums, as we often need to exchange sensitive information and PII. This resolution is simple, but I would still prefer to handle it away from public view :wink:
I will be sending you a Direct message via the Forums, so please check your Forum account inbox and follow up there if needed!

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