Re-scheduling workouts in plans (esp. for women)

Elsewhere I see a lot of fellow cyclists would like some flexibility to pause / resume / reschedule workouts in the set Zwift training plans, eg Build Me Up, to cope with holidays, sickness, outdoor rides & life in general, without having to start completely over or jump back in to a harder part while less fit.

I’d like to add that WOMEN have another reason for needing some flexibility. The plans are periodised - ie. an easier week every four week, with increasing load between - however, us ladies have our own cycles and if the two don’t mesh together we are fighting an uphill battle. For example, I’ve realised that the heaviest training load weeks of my plan are consistently falling during my PMT phase when hormones make you feel tired / ill / generally lower your FTP… I’d really like to be able to re-schedule the workouts to allow for this! (And don’t tell me I have to wait up to a month to start a plan!)

More generally, do the training plans actually account for women’s needs? (eg longer recovery time due to less testosterone, maybe different % of FTP for intervals?) I suspect not and in weeks with five workouts I’m already deliberately skipping the less-useful looking workouts as necessary - but I would like to be treated like a grown up and able to add back in when I’m feeling good. (For example this week only has three, easier workouts, but I actually have a slim window of opportunity when I feel GOOD!)

Come on Zwift, please take action on this finally!