Raw distance in .fit file? (Not the virtual course distance)

Hi There, recently signed up. Is there a way to add the ‘raw’ distance data to the .fit file? I’m not actually interested in the distance that Zwift gives me from the virtual course. I’m more interested in grabbing the raw pre-processed distance data from the bike (in my case a Keiser M3i). I use my own data as a playground and have found Zwift to be an excellent collector of all my metrics except distance. Even a formula to convert back would be helpful.

There is no way to back calculate the distance.

Why do you want to see the trainer distance. If you want a lot of distance you can just remove all the resistance and spin for hours.

There is no “raw” distance: Keiser merely estimates distance based on your power output, presuming you’re using the Keiser App and not the “distance” on the console (which is merely a counter of rpms for servicing purporses)

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Distance is not a good metric when riding a stationary bike.