Raspberry pi based Bluetooth / ANT gateway

I’d really like zwift to offer a basic Linux distro that could be installed on a raspberry pi zero that would act as a dedicated Bluetooth / ANT+ gateway that can be used by Apple TV users instead of using the companion app.

The pi would receive data from sensors and feed it to the zwift app on atv over WiFi.

Raspberry pi’s are really cheap. The hardest part would be how to get them connected to WiFi & Bluetooth devices for non-technical people.

I was going to suggest they publish the specs and let the OSS community create the mechanism, but that would invite cheating.


It’s my impression that Zwift don’t like any interaction from the community except for our money ( which they might go missing at some point to, if they don’t start taking paying customers seriously… )

If they had any/some interest in community driven development, they would implement a “standard” TCP/UDP interface for trainer input/control.
This way the community ( and vendors ) would have an easy interface for connecting any kind of self developed trainer/interface like the one you suggest.

At this point Zwift is heavily relying ( sleeping ) on the huge amount of users, making it almost impossible for any competitor to enter the market successfully…
As long as they don’t even care to deploy ( or roll back ) a fix when the release a faulty update like the current one affecting a huge amount of ATV/Wahoo users, I don’t really see that they care that much about their customers as long as they know there isn’t anywhere else to go :thinking:


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There is a device that can act as the Bluetooth / ANT+ gateway.
It’s called a CABLE, made by North Pole Engineering.

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Yes, I tried that device. It did didn’t work well and the support I received from NPE was abysmal.

I thought it worked extremely well for me.
Since the KICKR started broadcasting cadence, I no longer use it, though.