Rapidly kick out after ending a session

(Stephane Lefebvre ODZ) #1


Everytime I end a session, i get rapidly kick out (app seems to crash from my point of view).

I’m using a MacBook Pro.

When i go see my data in the Swift website, everything is there and everything seems so be ok on the Strava site too…

Do you guys have had the same behaviour?



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Steph,

Can you open up a support ticket and include the log.txt file from within your Documents\Zwift\Logs folder?


(James Adams) #3

Same thing here as Stephane reported. The app closes completely at the end of saving. All data seems to be saved however.

(Jane Walker) #4

hi, same problem, end a ride and zwift closes, forcing me to reopen and go thru setup.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #5

Hi Guys,

After Save + Strava, Save, or Discard the game closes. This is currently how it works.

As for going through set-up, do you mean back to the Pairing Screen? Or, like, redownloading and starting the install from scratch?

(Fionn McGuire) #6

The problem is there’s a big difference between finishing a session and finishing using Zwift. There are several use cases here. For example, you finish a casual group ride and decide to do a workout, or you want to switch workouts, or you want to play around with jerseys and bikes. Then you need to go through an app crash, logging in again, the pairing screen, and finally the session config screen.

The problem is that the crash on its own isn’t too bad. But combining it with the rather cumbersome login process can be quite frustrating.

Fixing both would be HUGE, very welcome improvements to a great service.

(Matt Rose) #7

Noticed this as well. It is very frustrating to have to go back into the application after it has kicked you out. 

Can’t say I’ve found any other software that would work in this way. Could do with an additional option of ‘Save to Strava and Exit’.

(Felix Weeee (D)) #8

Hey Fionn,

it’s not a solution to the general problem but a workaround to parts of it:
You can press “E” to select/switch workouts during your ride. 
You can change your appearance when you click on menu and then click on “customize” in the far right of the menu.